Color stainless steel coated board advantages

Color stainless steel laminate

Mulching is a physical process, a layer of film a layer of metal plate after high temperature and high pressure pressing.
The advantages of laminate are:
1. Anti-fume: processed by PVC high-gloss film, easy to clean.
2, wear resistance: special PET layer, durable.
3, moisture-proof: the surface is covered with film, reducing the direct contact between water and aluminum, strong durability.
4. Good tactile sensation: there is a film on the surface, which is smooth to touch, changing the cold and single feeling of metal material.
5, design and color: by a variety of colors for selection.
6, moderate price, good cost performance.
Widely used in :KTV decoration, luxury door, elevator board, outdoor engineering, advertising nameplate, furniture, kitchen cabinet ceiling, walkway board, screen, tunnel engineering, external wall hotel lobby, facade and various stainless steel series products.

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Post time: Jan-07-2020
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