Notes for stainless steel products with PVD film after color plating

stainless steel color sheet

1. Although the vacuum PVD film has a certain corrosion resistance, it is difficult to resist the contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive substances.
Accordingly, maintain at ordinary times when maintenance, do not choose to contain strong acid strong alkali or decontamination ability strong clean agent as far as possible, if clean toilet essence, take off lacquer agent, metallic clean agent to wait, can choose industrial alcohol to use soft cotton cloth to wipe gently, if the surface has dirt, also want to choose weak acid weak alkali solvent to deal with.
In addition, if exposed to harsh environment for a long time, or in contact with corrosive liquid for a long time, the PVD film is also prone to fall off and other problems, such as swimming pool (containing fluoride), sea water (containing salt), high temperature and high humidity (steam) and other environments.

2. Use of anti-fingerprint varnish.
More and more customers choose to plating good color PVD film on the stainless steel products, and then spray a transparent anti-fingerprint clear oil, the effect is very obvious, hand touch without fingerprint, easy to clean, but also can increase the wear resistance and corrosion resistance function, kill many birds with one stone.
However, the disadvantage is that the color of oil injection and non-injection is not consistent, plus high processing requirements, the cost is not low, affect the metal texture of the product, there are aging problems.
So, must consider carefully before using.

3. Follow-up processing.
Because the PVD film has a very good bonding force with the base material, it is not easy to fall off. The product can be followed by simple mechanical processing, such as cutting, folding, bending and cutting.
However, welding has a great impact on the PVD film layer, the instantaneous high temperature will lead to the film layer off and discoloration, therefore, the need for welding stainless steel products to plating color, it is best to do the components first and then plating color, can not use good plating PVD film materials to process products.
The welding scar left by color products is difficult to deal with, so the production process of random finished products should be first welded into components, then polished, remove the welding scar, and finally plating color.

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Post time: Dec-25-2019
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