Why the color of stainless steel decorative plate is different

Color stainless steel plate

As the stainless steel plate processing technology is more mature, the stainless steel plate plating into a variety of colors of stainless steel plate is a piece of cake, as long as you can think of, almost all can be plated.So the problem, although can be plated so many colors, but there is still the problem of color difference.For example, the same specification of two stainless steel plate, placed in the same furnace plating color, there may be a certain color difference problem.

What is the main cause of color difference in stainless steel plate?In fact, there are many factors, one is the problem of equipment, we are more common in the daily production of electroplating furnace has vertical furnace and horizontal furnace, in terms of specifications also divided into large furnace or small furnace, all kinds of performance are not the same results will not be the same;In addition to the advanced nature of the equipment itself, the daily management and monitoring of the equipment, the level of the operators, the scientific and effective detection tools and methods, the plating time, the reasonable selection of titanium blocks, etc., are all factors affecting the color difference of a stainless steel plating plate.There are also working gas in the furnace body distribution is not even, resulting in uneven gas ionization color difference, after no fingerprint process will also produce color difference…

Said so many color stainless steel plate has the phenomenon of color difference, you are not a little afraid to buy it.Actually need not worry, although stainless steel plate manufacturer does not dare to assure every time the stainless steel plate that leaves the factory is a color, but the chromatic stainless steel plate that can assure same batch won’t appear chromatic aberration.In this aspect, there is a special person responsible for the color difference of shiny stainless steel. They will go through the inspection of the color difference detector before leaving the factory to ensure the color difference of the batch.

Post time: May-09-2019
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