“14th Five-Year Plan” begins, Fuzhou accelerates the construction of “city”

A week ago, 21 projects in the Luoyuan Bay Port Area of ​​the “Silk Road Seaport City” in Fuzhou were signed, with a total investment of 35.4 billion yuan (RMB, the same below). Among them, the high-end special steel new material base project invested and constructed by China Baowu Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, will build 3.22 million tons of boutique products in Luoyuan Bay on the basis of Baosteel Desheng’s existing scale. Stainless steel items.

Local officials told China News Agency reporters on the 8th that this centralized contract will accelerate the upgrading of the Luoyuan Bay steel industry and accelerate the promotion of the “Silk Road Seaport City” to build a world-class green stainless steel boutique industrial base.


The gradually rising “Silk Road Seaport City” in Fuzhou is a microcosm of Fuzhou’s accelerated construction of a “city”. After entering the “GDP exceeding one trillion yuan club” for the first time, Fuzhou has continued to develop momentum, making every effort to tap the “growth pole”, build a “Haisi” hub, and strive to become a national central city.

The “14th Five-Year Plan” started. Fuzhou has made it clear that in the next five years, it will focus on the construction of six “cities” such as Fuzhou Binhai New City, Fuzhou University City, Southeast Auto City, Silk Road Seaport City, Fuzhou (Changle) International Aviation City, and Modern Logistics City. Sounded the “assembly call” to accelerate the construction of a modern international city.

According to the plan, the “hard targets” for Fuzhou’s development during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period are: achieving a new increase in the provincial capital’s energy level, striving to maintain an average annual growth rate of 7% in GDP, a built-up area of ​​about 500 square kilometers, and an urban permanent population of 500 Ten thousand people, the primacy of the provincial capital and the driving force of radiation have increased significantly.

Huang Maoxing, dean of the School of Economics of Fujian Normal University, believes that the construction of six modern cities will provide sustained impetus for Fuzhou’s medium- and high-speed growth.

At the beginning of the new year, the construction of six modern cities in Fuzhou is fully fired. In the Southeast Auto City located in Minhou County, Fuzhou City, the 203 Provincial Highway Widening and Reconstruction Project, the Lanpu Industrial Park Project, and the Dongtai High-end New Material Industrial Park project are accelerating. Ye Renyou, secretary of the Minhou County Party Committee, pointed out that gathering a group of large and good auto supporting projects will implement a strong chain to supplement the auto industry, further expand and strengthen the auto industry, and make every effort to build a southeast automobile city with integrated development of people, industry and city.

In Binhai New City of Fuzhou, Fujian Berry Hekang Digital Life Industrial Park (Phase II) project started recently, with a total investment of 1.678 billion yuan, focusing on cloud computing, gene sequencing, gene editing, artificial intelligence and other high-tech technologies to build a data center and production Base, R&D center, and other multi-functional, full-life-cycle health and medical industrial parks. This is one of the first batch of major projects in Fujian Province to start concentrated construction at the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

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Accelerate the construction of a “city”, and Fuzhou will highlight industrial support. In an interview, Fuzhou Mayor You Mengjun stated that industry is the most important support to promote high-quality development in an all-round way, and innovation is the first driving force.

Looking back at the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, thanks to the further growth of the five largest 100 billion industrial clusters such as textile, chemical fiber and light industry food, the total industrial output value of Fuzhou is expected to exceed 1.1 trillion yuan. Towards the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Fuzhou will continue to hold on to the “niubi” of the industry and not relax, help attract large leaders, cultivate large clusters, and develop large industries.

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The advantages of overseas Chinese and Taiwanese are also a big help for Fuzhou to accelerate the construction of a “city”. Fuzhou is a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese and an important ancestral home of Taiwan compatriots. There are more than 4 million overseas folks in 177 countries and regions in the world. Huang Maoxing believes that broadly gathering the wisdom and strength of compatriots at home and abroad to strive for more capital, talents and technology at home and abroad to gather in Fuzhou will accelerate the construction of six modern cities including Fuzhou Binhai New City, Southeast Auto City, and Silk Road Seaport City. Promote the “dual cycle” and serve the new development pattern. (Finish)

Post time: Mar-19-2021
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