Brave the wind and waves — The 2020 semi-annual management meeting of Hongwang Group has been successfully concluded

On July 11, the 2020 semi-annual management meeting of Hongwang Group was held in Zhaoqing Hongwang. Chairman of the group Dai Jianhui, Vice President Zhu Jiqiao, Dai Zehui, Liu Wei, Gao Zhice, Liu Ziran, and major leaders of Zhaoqing Hongwang, Fujian Hongwang, Shandong Hongwang, Yangjiang Hongwang, Sichuan Hongwang, Henan Hongwang, Guangdong Hongwang, Wuxi Hongwang and other units attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Group vice President Gao Zhice.

Dai pointed out that in the first half of 2020, under the impact of the global epidemic, all industries are affected to a certain extent and are experiencing unprecedented challenges. We firmly believe that no matter what kind of crisis, there are many excellent enterprises can stand out. As long as the firm confidence, active adaptation, positive adjustment, constantly in the changing environment to explore, better complete their own work, you can achieve the set goals. The epidemic will usher in a healthier and more sustainable industrial pattern. As a new clean, healthy, corrosion-resistant and durable material, stainless steel will have a better market prospect and application field in the future, and our “stainless enterprise” will also have more achievements.

At the meeting, the chairman made an important arrangement for the work in the second half of the year: the main production units of Yangjiang Hongwang Phase II will be piloted in batches before October 2020; The second phase project of zhaoqing Hongwang finishing Center will be put into trial production in August 2020. Shandong Hongwang 18 high Rolling Mill and finishing Center new project, yangjiang High-tech Zone finishing cooperation project before the end of 2020 in batches trial production. The group’s key work in the second half of the year is on the premise of maintaining the overall competitive advantage of cold rolling, deep farming downstream, giving full play to the advantages of regional layout, strong cost and quality control, etc., to promote the rapid expansion of color plate production capacity, improve the national market share. Subsequently, leaders of the group and its subsidiaries mainly reported the completion of key performance indicators in the first half of the year, overall work in the first half of the year and progress of major issues, and discussed and planned the work objectives and major issues in the second half of the year.


Gather in Zhaoqing Hongwang to review the spirit of “Five consecutive Rolling”

The main management personnel of the group gathered in Zhaoqing Hongwang to attend the semi-annual management meeting, to learn more about the development status of the finishing process, and more importantly, to review the fighting spirit when building the first five consecutive rolling in China. In the future in the team building of project construction, quality, increase efficiency, market development, branding, and other fields, we meet challenges will be bigger, need everyone continue to inheritance and carry forward our spirit of “five rolling”, need we each macro partners with the company, the advocacy, down-to-earth, innovative, hardworking spirit of macro will flourish, to create a more “macro prosperous mark” team, a bold innovation, honesty and dedication “macro prosperous team”.

Vigorously develop finishing, improve the color board market share

As the second half of the color board size expanded rapidly, in ZhaoQingHong flourishing, henan macros that have been put into operation in tawang, sichuan macro flourishing finishing color plate, on the basis of new shandong macro flourishing and yangjiang finishing projects in the zone and the synchronous expanding ZhaoQingHong prosperous finishing color board project, for a boost by the end of the scale effect for the color plate. The core regional sales platforms of Guangdong Hongwang and Wuxi Hongwang, directly under the group, should act quickly with more flexible and open thinking, expand the market faster, and improve the market share of color board terminals. In order to further promote the standard and sustainable development of color board industry and protect the rights and interests of terminal customers, Hongwang Group will further improve the quality standard and after-sales service standard of color board on the basis of extensive investigation and evaluation of customer demand, so as to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Strict control of costs, fine management

With the increasing market competition, survival of the fittest is an inevitable result. Managers must have a strong sense of cost, under the premise of ensuring quality, control the cost. From the source of requisitioning, procurement and warehousing process specification, strengthen the management of requisitioning and use effect evaluation, to the bulk accessories group centralized procurement, strict control of sluggish goods, to further reduce accessories costs. All departments should strengthen linkage, integrate resources, make continuous improvement, eliminate all waste, and strengthen cost management with standardization, resource recovery and utility maximization. As a qualified manager, he/she should treat the company’s property as seriously and prudently as his/her own property. He/she should do many comparisons and think, and continuously improve the fine management level in cost control, saving expenditure and generating income, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
Optimize the talent team and increase the intensity of talent training

Establish a scientific and reasonable talent training system, increase the intensity of talent training, continue to optimize the structure of human resources, carefully comb the organizational structure and job responsibilities of each company, to achieve the goal of strong troops, speed up and increase efficiency. The ability to recruit and train outstanding talents to provide talent reserve for the sustainable development of the group is one of the important assessment items for the main leaders. We will build an open, inclusive and cohesive platform, so that those with ability and contribution will receive their due recognition and reward, and the new generation of people with ideas and contributions will be given a stage to give full play to their talents and talents, so as to stimulate their innovation and creativity, and continuously boost the growth of talents. Within the group, it is necessary to emphasize and establish a clear sense of service. It is necessary to do a good job in serving leaders for the development of employees, the upper working procedure for the lower working procedure, and functional departments for the production and marketing. “big enterprise disease” and “bureaucracy” should be avoided by all means to avoid overstaffing.

Integrity and self-discipline to build a high-quality management team

The company has always emphasized honesty and dedication, and has a clear standard to deal with behaviors that are not non-corrupt. No matter the position or contribution, the company has zero tolerance for honesty. We should resolutely eliminate those who destroy the atmosphere of the company and the team, and resolutely eliminate those who cannot meet the requirements of the position, cannot play a role or even bring negative effects, so as to build a high-quality management team. Managers should not only have high standards and strict requirements for themselves, but also stick to the bottom line of honest work. They should adopt the guiding ideology of “we are hongwang people, but also be loyal to Hongwang people”, attach great importance to self-cultivation and introspection, have a sense of awe of “clarity”, and always warn themselves to do something or not.


Look for the difference to the standard, strengthen the service

Keep the attitude of reference and learning, face up to the problems after finding the problems, find the gap, let the management sink, return to the simplest state. Guided and helped other subsidiaries to develop better in finishing projects through zhaoqing Hongwang’s active reflection on standard finding. Product quality is the basic condition for market competition and also the basis for the survival of enterprises. We must attach great importance to quality standards and implement quality control into the whole production process. The technical and quality department should streamline the process of customer complaints, ensure that the root causes of customer complaints are quickly solved and dealt with, and solve problems from the perspective of customers, so that customers can recognize our products and feel at ease to use our products.

With the improvement of finishing the expansion of production capacity and market share, and product quality, customer service standard specification, especially, with the advantages in the group, regional distribution, the fast response customer timeliness requirements, meet the demand of customer personalization, customization, etc., we need accurate, give full play to its own unique advantages.


There is no the best individuals, only the best team, in the stormy seas, go forward macro prosperous path, need all the macro prosperous people stick to a common vision and the spirit of enterprise, complement each other, work together to rely on the power of the team efforts to achieve the established target, let us common macro flourishing platform more powerful, more proud to macro prosperous people.”

Post time: Jul-15-2020
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