Danqing Express Yuanzhi, Splashing Ink to Show Ambition—Results of the Fifth Hongwang Group’s Painting and Calligraphy Competition are released

Danqing Express Yuanzhi Splashing ink to show grand plans. In order to inherit and promote Chinese calligraphy culture and enrich the cultural life of employees, Hongwang Group held the fifth calligraphy and painting competition. There are more than 50 entries in this competition, with rich content and various forms. The types of works include brush calligraphy, hard pen calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, sketches, etc. They are either vigorous and magnificent, or free and unrestrained, free and unrestrained, or gentle and full of charm, all of them show the charm of traditional Chinese culture.
The panel of judges conducted reviews based on the principles of fairness and justice, and selected 1 first prize, 5 second prizes, and 10 third prizes. Thank all colleagues for their enthusiastic participation, and sincere congratulations to the winners of this competition.


Post time: Oct-12-2020
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