Discussion on color stainless steel coloring technology


Color stainless steel is the use of vacuum coating technology on the surface of stainless steel for oxidation modification color, the whole process by the computer monitoring the natural color.
The product surface corrosion resistance, wear resistance than ordinary stainless steel is strong, can resist more than 10 years of salt fog corrosion and more than 30 years of ultraviolet light does not change color.
Stainless steel substrate layer and color layer integration, maintain the basic structure and basic performance of the original stainless steel, can be conventional stamping, bending molding.
The colored surface has the advantages of color LAN, bright color, gorgeous color, downy, elegant and strong finish.
The new color stainless steel has a wide range of applications, can be used for elevators, hardware and appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, cabinets, building decoration, advertising signs, daily supplies, etc., can greatly improve the added value of products, has an obvious market competitive advantage.
Color stainless steel color has titanium black (black titanium), sky blue, titanium gold, sapphire blue, coffee, tawny, purple, bronze, bronze, champagne gold, purple, rose gold, titanium white, emerald green, etc.
Application: star hotels, large shopping malls, rich clubs, colorful bars, luxury KTV, clothing display cabinets and other luxury decoration.

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Post time: Apr-06-2020
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