Etching plate Stainless steel etching decorative plate Elevator etching plate

The stainless steel etching process plate is a method of chemical channels on the surface of stainless steel to corrode various patterns and patterns. The 8K mirror panel is used as the bottom plate, and the etching process is carried out. The surface of the object is further processed. The color stainless steel etching plate can be processed with various complex processes such as partial patterning, drawing, gold embedding, and partial titanium gold. Color stainless steel etching plate Realize the effect of bright and dark patterns and brilliant colors.


The process flow is:

Stainless steel plate → degreasing → washing → drying → screen printing → drying → water immersion → etching pattern leaf right (sheet) washing → ink removal → washing → polishing → washing → coloring → washing leaf (sheet) hardening treatment → sealing treatment → Wash the leaves (sheets) and dry → inspect → products.

Etching plates are mostly used for the decoration of elevator cars and elevator door covers, elevator car panels, car panels, hall wall panels, backgrounds, ceilings, architectural decoration, signboards in hotels, hotels, entertainment venues, high-end brand stores, and high-end buildings. Wait.


Post time: Apr-12-2021
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