Guangdong governor ma xingrui research yangjiang two industrial base related projects

January 12 in the morning, for the further implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of the guangdong important speech and the important instructions instructions spirit, promote the provincial party committee twelve six times the whole ground to carry out the spirit, the governor of appl. Math. Mech. Vol.11 to research the guangdong yangjiang high-tech zone (yangjiang) offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base and (yangjiang) alloy material industry base in China.


Governor Ma Xingrui listened in detail to representatives of offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base mingyang Wind Power, Longma Group and alloy material industry base hongwang Group, etc. Ma pointed out that the sixth Plenary Session of the 12th CPC Provincial Committee earnestly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions to Guangdong, and proposed to deepen supply-side structural reform and promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Yangjiang should give full play to its advantages of rich Marine resources, alloy materials and good energy industrial foundation, adhere to the combination of market leading and government guidance, actively practice the new development concept, and provide strong support for optimizing the energy structure, building a modern economic system and building a strong ocean province in accordance with the requirements of intensive development.




Vice President of Hongwang Group Gao Zhicai reported to Governor Ma in detail the group’s development history, regional layout and scale advantage, process and technology characteristics and product application field, yangjiang Hongwang new project construction and development planning. Governor Ma asked about the development trend of the industry, the operation of the enterprise, the characteristics of products and technologies, and encouraged the enterprise to adopt the most advanced technology and technology, carry out intensive design, innovate and make solid projects.




Vice Governor Zhang Guangjun, Secretary General and Office Director Of the Provincial Government Zhang Hu, Director Of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Tu Gaokun, Deputy Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Director of the Provincial Bureau of Energy Wu Daowen, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources He Shaoqing participated in relevant research activities. City leaders Jiao Lansheng, Wen Zhanbin, Chen Ji, Huang Rui, Lin Jinlin participated in the research in yangjiang High-tech Zone.




Held on the same day (yangjiang) offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base in guangdong, China (yangjiang) alloy material industry base construction of major projects, the dragon group, high-end equipment manufacturing base project, yangjiang, yangjiang macro prosperous 700000 tons of stainless steel cold rolling project and so on eight project construction on the same plan with a total investment of 17.8 billion yuan, annual output can reach 40.5 billion yuan after the production of all. At the same time, in order to speed up the construction of a modern industrial system, Yangjiang city has planned 6.17 square kilometers of land in the port industrial park of the High-tech Zone to build China (Yangjiang) alloy material industrial base. The alloy material industry mainly includes stainless steel manufacturing plate, stainless steel products plate, circular economy plate and logistics industry plate. It is estimated that the annual output value of the four plates will exceed 100 billion yuan by 2020.

Post time: Jul-10-2020
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