How thick should the stainless steel hollow screen be?

The stainless steel hollowing process uses laser cutting technology. Laser cutting has limitations. It is difficult to cut out too thick plates. The periphery is not so flat, and burrs are prone to appear at the cut. It also requires subsequent polishing and polishing, which is time-consuming. It is labor intensive, the cost of the processing plant will be relatively high, and the selling price of the natural screen will also increase.
Generally, 3~5mm thick stainless steel panels are sufficient for home decoration. We also recommend that customers use 3~5mm thick stainless steel screens.


Next, let's talk about the benefits of 5mm thick plate:
1. The 5mm thick stainless steel hollow screen is not expensive in terms of material price, and the price is very high. It is very close to the people and can be purchased and used by families with general economic strength.
2. The 5mm thick stainless steel hollow screen can meet the customer's demand for the three-dimensional sense of the decoration. The hardness is moderate, and the hollow stainless steel screen will not be deformed because it is too thin. We all know that things that are too thin are easy to bend and will not be aesthetically pleasing;
3, 5mm thick stainless steel hollow screen, the weight is not too heavy, it plays a convenient role in the transportation and installation, and can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.
Of course, if there are special needs, we can be flexible. Stainless steel screens are mainly customized, and many fanciful imaginations can also be included, not to mention that it is just a matter of thickness, but the final decision must be based on the actual situation.

Post time: Sep-10-2021
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