Introduction of stainless steel drawing process


Stainless steel wiredrawing board is also called stainless steel scrub board or matte stainless steel plate, the surface of the grain has hair grain (also called ordinary sand), satin grain (snow sand), and grain (random grain sand), the main types of cross grain.
Stainless steel wire drawing plate in the process of processing can eliminate the original stainless steel plate scratches, and have a very good decorative effect.
1, stainless steel hair texture is usually through the scrub nylon rod in the stainless steel surface mechanical friction method after processing the surface for straight lines.
2, stainless steel satin plate is the use of stainless steel belt on the surface of the plate after mechanical friction treatment of intermittent lines.
3, stainless steel and grain (random grain) sand grain from a distance is composed of a circle of sand grain, close is not the specification of random grain, is from the grinding head under the left and right irregular swing grinding.

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Post time: Mar-30-2020
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