Kezhou 2020 self-assessment report of iron and steel industry to resolve excess capacity

According to the document requirements of the Office of the Leading Group for the Work of Resolving Excessive Capacity in the Iron and Steel Coal Industry of the Autonomous Region, “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Work Plan for Resolving Excessive Capacity in the Iron and Steel and Coal Industry in 2020″ (Xinhua Industry Leading Office Letter [2020] No. 3), in 2020 The prefecture has no task of reducing steel capacity and no new capacity. After self-examination and self-evaluation, Kezhou Iron and Steel Industry’s overcapacity work assessment scored 5 points. The relevant situation is now reported as follows:

1. Strengthen organizational leadership and improve working mechanism

In order to conscientiously implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the autonomous region on deepening supply-side structural reforms, in accordance with the “Autonomous Region’s Work Plan for Preventing the Re-ignition of “Land Steel” (Xinzheng Office Mingdian [2018] No. 45), “Autonomous Region Iron and Steel, Coal and Coal” According to the spirit of the series of documents such as the Minutes of the Meeting of the Leading Group for Resolving Excessive Capacity in the Electricity Industry (Xin Zhengyue (2018) No. 68), in order to ensure the smooth progress of the work of resolving excess capacity in the iron and steel industry, the People’s Government of the autonomous prefecture established a leading group for the joint meeting of the iron and steel industry departments of the autonomous prefecture in time , The Standing Committee of the State Party Committee and the Executive Vice Governor are the leaders of the leading group. The members are composed of the Autonomous Prefecture Development and Reform Commission, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Market Supervision Administration, the Ecological Environment Bureau, the Bureau of Commerce, the Bureau of Natural Resources, the Bureau of Transportation, the Bureau of Water Resources, the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, The Public Security Bureau, State Grid Kezhou Power Supply Company and other relevant departments are composed of principals and the people’s governments of counties and cities. The leading group office is located in the Autonomous Prefecture Industry and Information Bureau and is responsible for daily work. The documents are adopted by each member unit within the scope of their respective duties. The measures to prevent the resurgence of “floor steel” have carried out a clear decomposition of responsibility, and at the same time, the people’s governments of counties (cities) are required to take overall responsibility for the work of cracking down on “floor steel” and preventing the resurgence of “floor steel”, and establish corresponding Work leadership agencies, establish a coordination mechanism, refine the division of responsibilities, and assign work responsibilities to departments and individuals.


2. Carry out ground-breaking investigations and strengthen daily supervision

In accordance with the “Notice on Further Preventing the Resurgence of “Land Steel” and Resolving Excessive Capacity and Resuming Production” (Xinhua Industry Leader Office [2020] No. 8), the autonomous prefecture’s leading group for iron and steel and coal resolution of excess capacity was held immediately The meeting conveyed the spirit of the document, and made specific arrangements and deployments, requiring the member units of the state steel, coal and coal power industry leading group to resolve excess capacity to form a special force to prevent the resurgence of “land steel” and the resumption of production after resolution of excess capacity. The (municipal) people’s government shall, in accordance with the territorial management principle, and the work requirements of “full coverage, no dead ends, and zero tolerance”, coordinate the arrangements for relevant units to prevent the resurgence of “land strip steel” and resolve excess capacity and resume production, to ensure that it is exhausted. The work was carried out steadily, and the results were not missed. After careful consideration at the state and county (city) levels, there is no “land strip steel” production and use of intermediate frequency furnace enterprises in our prefecture, and one enterprise has resolved excess capacity.

3. Establish a reporting system to prevent the resurgence of “floor steel”

In order to consolidate the achievements of the iron and steel industry in resolving excess production capacity, strictly prevent the resurgence, eliminate outdated production capacity and investigate and punish new production capacity, and further standardize the reporting and inspection of illegal iron and steel production capacity violations, our state formulated and issued the “Autonomous Prefecture Iron and Steel Production Capacity Violations Reporting and Inspection The “Notice of the Work System” ensures that there is no living soil and resurgence of “strip steel” in our state. In 2020, our state did not receive any clues for the resurgence of “dimension steel”.

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December 5, 2020

Post time: Jan-19-2021
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