Meng Qingbin, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Linyi Municipal Committee, visited Shandong Hongwang for investigation

On the morning of October 1, 2020, Meng Qingbin, deputy secretary of the Linyi Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and Xie Hongri, secretary of the municipal government, visited Shandong Hongwang for investigation. Luozhuang District Committee Secretary Gao Yongsheng, District Committee Deputy Secretary and District Mayor Peng Bo participated in the investigation. Shandong Hongwang Chairman Yu Xiaoyan, Hongwang Group Vice President and Shandong Hongwang General Manager Dai Zehui accompanied the investigation.


Mayor Meng and his entourage first inspected the construction of Shandong Hongwang’s Phase III continuous annealing and pickling line, which was being accelerated during the National Day, and encouraged the company to speed up the construction progress of the new project of “filling and filling”, and complete the trial production as soon as possible. Subsequently, in the second phase of Shandong Hongwang 1450 five tandem rolling and supporting continuous annealing and pickling workshop, Chairman Yu Xiaoyan introduced in detail the development history, location advantages, current production and operation status of Shandong Hongwang, high-end automation control technology, and product applications Field and future development trends. In the product exhibition room on the first floor of the office building, General Manager Dai Zehui gave a detailed report on the technological characteristics of Shandong Hongwang production line, product categories and market conditions, downstream deep processing categories and subsequent construction planning.


During the discussion in the conference room on the fourth floor of Shandong Hongwang, Chairman Yu expressed his sincere gratitude to the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, District Party Committee and District Government and various functional departments for their professional guidance and strong support to Shandong Hongwang. As a key construction project in Linyi City, Shandong Hongwang must firmly seize the new opportunity of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “being brave to innovate and dare to work hard”, to build a stainless steel industry cluster of 100 billion yuan for Linyi, and to promote the comprehensive downstream processing business of stainless steel And other supporting industries are formed, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of regional economic and social benefits.


Finally, Mayor Meng concluded that Linyi City is currently in an important window period to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Shandong Hongwang should seize this major opportunity to further promote the coordinated development of new models, new technologies, and new business formats. Big technology and industrial investment, extend the stainless steel industry chain, enhance the added value and comprehensive competitiveness of products, and promote the construction of stainless steel industrial parks. At the same time, Shandong Hongwang is required to always adhere to high standards and high-quality development, vigorously promote entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, give full play to the role of entrepreneurs, and play a greater role in cultivating and developing new kinetic energy and accelerating the upgrading of the real economy.


Post time: Oct-06-2020
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