Stainless steel Mosaic plate technology introduction


Mosaic is a relatively old, traditional mosaic. It has: metal mosaic, crystal mosaic, shell mosaic, glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic and much more! Among other beautiful and elegant tiles, its exquisite and exquisite posture and retro elegant style are even more conspicuous. The surface of some ceramic mosaics is sanded and formed with irregular edges, causing the appearance of years of erosion to shape the sense of history and nature. This type of mosaic not only retains the simplicity and weight of pottery, but also has the delicate moisturization of porcelain. The highlight lies in its deep cultural connotation.
Metal mosaic
Metal mosaic is mainly divided into three categories: stainless steel, aluminum-plastic plate, and aluminum alloy.
Stainless steel mosaic
Advantages: low cost stainless steel plate, low and medium price; wear-resistant, can be decorated on the ground
Disadvantages: single color, mostly gold and silver, surface technology is only brushed, mirror surface; the surface is still easy to oxidize and the color is dull, and the inferior ones have rust spots. Stainless steel skin, ceramic particles, and back net are pasted. The particles are easy to peel off and heavy. Installation requires mud filling and filling.
Aluminum plastic panel mosaic
Advantages: The aluminum-plastic board is rich in color, and the surface technology includes drawing, flashing, drawing, mirror surface, stone pattern, wood grain, etc .; the surface of the particle is protected by a resin layer, and the color and gloss are consistent; the particle and the sponge adhesive are directly pasted, which is the lightest ; The project is simple and can be directly pasted without the need for mud filling and filling.
Disadvantages: The surface is a resin protective layer, which cannot be used as floor tiles; the price is medium and high.
Aluminum Mosaic
Advantages: All-aluminum particles, with guaranteed strength, can be processed twice to make lasers, phantoms, spin circles, etc .; wear-resistant, can be decorated on the ground;
Disadvantages: single color, no picture or other material effects, surface technology limited to wire drawing or mirror surface; heavier, installation requires mud to fill the gap. The price is upscale.

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Post time: Mar-02-2020
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