Stainless steel screen customization

Stainless steel screen is a kind of metal product used for space isolation and decoration. Its main function is decoration. In addition, most of the processing and customization of stainless steel screens are made by welding stainless steel pipes. It is matched with some titanium and bronze Surface treatments such as old and sprayed plastics. The current stainless steel screen processing has both modern and traditional design types. Because stainless steel screens are air-permeable, their weight is particularly small. Many hotels and clubs will place stainless steel partitions on the external walls. Enhance aesthetics.


The stainless steel screen combines the romance of the West and the gentleness of the East, forming a unique charm that is fashionable and avant-garde. It is not deformed for a long time, does not lose the original color, and is easy to maintain and maintain. Putting it in the architectural space highlights the modern trend of comfort and warmth without losing individuality, full of meaning and fascinating. Stainless steel screens are made of various metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, mace, iron, etc., and can be made with glass fiber reinforced plastics and other materials, using various processing techniques and lacquer decorations, presenting a good simulation effect. The stainless steel screen screen itself does not burn, is stable and firm, simple to maintain, strong in functionality, rich in decorative effects, strong, and rich in texture, which enhances the entire space level and is stylish and noble.

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Post time: Sep-04-2021
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