The 2016 Work Summary Meeting of Hongwang Group

Subject: The 2016 work summary meeting of Hongwang Group

Location: Fujian Hongwang

Time: 20th Jan, 2017

The 2016 work summary meeting of Hongwang Group was held in Fujian Hongwang on Jan 20th. Mr. Gao Zhice, the Group’s Administrative Director, hosted the meeting. The senior management from each subsidiaries attended the meeting, and present their 2016 work review summary and proposed 2017 work plan as well as objectives respectively. In addition, brief the main target, tasks and measures to be promoted in 2017.

President Dai Cuhui pointed out that the annual work of 2016 was done almost perfectly. While recognizing our achievements,we will also keenly aware that certain standards and norms including entrepreneur culture inheritance, organization chart division and promotion, professional norms and tracking system, environmental and safety policy implementation, product quality and customer service improvement,brain gain and internal culture, internal supervisory and compliance, procurement procedure and approval authorization, shall be deployed in particularly. He also make a requirement in regards to the trial-produce date as end of Mar, 2017 for five stands 18 high tandem mills continuous with the annealing and pickling line in Shandong Hongwang, which is able to contribute the additional driver for scale development of Hongwang Group. Furthermore, by relying on our partner Tsingshan group, we make preparation together for oversea stainless steel project to reach the target of supplying the real bargain products and serve our service all around the world, to advance the brand of “China Manufcturing ” and “Hongwang Manufacturing” towards the world.
Several important HR appointments were announced during the meeting.Mr. Gao Zhice, former Administration Director is appointed as the Vice President and Administration Director; Mr. Liu Ziran, former Deputy General Manager of Zhaoqing Hongwang, is appointed as the General Manager of Zhaoqing Hongwang; Mr. Dai Zehui, Vice President, is appointed as the Executive director.

In the upcoming year of 2017, Let’s us united as one under the top management headed by the President Dai Cuhui to roll up our sleeves and work with added energy.

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