The advantages and applications of color stainless steel are briefly described


With the development of modern society and progress, more and more people begin to choose color stainless steel as the material that decorate, and this kind of trend is more and more significant, so color stainless steel has after all what advantage?
One: stainless steel is a kind of environmental protection decoration materials, do not contain methanol and other organic matter, no radiation, fire safety;
Two: on the basis of stainless steel, now have colorful stainless steel, stainless steel etching plate skills, stainless steel fine grinding mirror, sand surface, wire drawing and other processing techniques, so that the stainless steel is more brilliant;
After etching skills, can be in the stainless steel surface to depict a variety of graphics, text, and has a three-dimensional sense, concave and convex sense, farewell to the traditional stainless steel monotonous color and picture defects;
Three: colorful stainless steel is in the appearance of stainless steel after chemical reaction, so that the appearance of stainless steel produces an oxide layer, stainless steel and oxide layer integration, plating color colorful ze color, do not fade;
Four: colorful stainless steel with metallic luster and hardness, easy to clean, not easy to damage, scratch;
Can very good compensation for acid and alkali corrosion, not easy to rust;
Colorful stainless steel has so many advantages, so that colorful stainless steel is widely used in large construction and decoration, hotel and building business decoration, public facilities, new home decoration and other places decoration, in the future stainless steel will be more widely used in all aspects of social life.

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Post time: Mar-17-2020
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