The furnace age of the high nickel matte converter in Qingshan Park, Indonesia exceeded 50 times

At 7:26 a.m. on June 18, 2022, with the operation of the shaker, the finished product of the 50th heat of the No. 1 converter of the HNMI matte nickel division was slowly poured into the ladle and tapped smoothly. At 9:16, the feeding and air supply were continued, and the next furnace blowing was carried out, which marked a qualitative breakthrough in the production of Qingshan high nickel matte converter. Under the leadership of the company's leaders, all employees of the nickel matte business unit adhere to the cultural concept of "dare to be the first, honesty and dedication", overcome many difficulties such as immaturity in technology and unskilled operation, and continue to make progress and break through themselves. , forge ahead bravely, and make continuous efforts to ensure the stable and efficient production of high nickel matte.

From construction to the initial stage of production, there were many difficulties. All employees of the matte business department worked hard, and constantly summarized themselves in the production process, from process optimization, equipment improvement, blowing process parameter control, production rhythm, material control, and personnel management. etc. to improve. The furnace age of the converter has exceeded 50 times, and it has gradually moved towards stable production, which has painted a strong stroke for the rapid development of Qingshan Park.

Post time: Jun-25-2022
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