The theme activity of “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” at the headquarters of the group ended successfully

On the evening of September 20, as the Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, the group headquarters held a “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” theme exchange event at the InterContinental Poly Hotel.
“This is the harvest season, and this is the night of reunion. The achievements of the group this year are inseparable from the hard work and dedication of every Hongwang family. The sea rises and the moon is bright, and the world is at this time. We are here tonight. Together, toast to the past efforts and gains, and gather together for the future together…” As soon as the event started, the group president Mr. Ai Dong extended his holiday greetings to everyone. And deliberately led everyone to record a blessing video, and passed this blessing to every Hongwang family member.

During the meal time, the brothers and sisters toast frequently, while enjoying the food, they continued to pass the festive blessings and exchanged topics of interest to everyone. They were happy and family. And the most exciting part is the group games after the meal, lantern riddles guessing, five dragons play beads, you come to show me to guess, grab a stool, simple games, but because of everyone’s enthusiasm, “it can’t stop at all.” Charm.
In the next month, Hongwang family! At the end of the event, Hongwang’s family members took to the stage one after another, and the song “Family Who Loved Each Other” brought the Mid-Autumn Festival theme event to a successful conclusion. In the coming year, we will meet again!

Post time: Oct-07-2020
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