The thinnest stainless steel in the world is only 0.015 mm thick: made in China

According to the latest report from CCTV, the latest "hand-tear steel" produced by China Baowu Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group is thinner than paper, mirror-like, and very hard in texture. The thickness is only 0.015 mm. The stack of 7 steel sheets is a newspaper. thickness.

It is reported that this is the thinnest stainless steel in the world at present, and it may be used as a processing material in the chip in the future, so it is also called "chip steel."

To make this kind of "chip steel", the key lies in the arrangement and combination of the brake rollers in the turnstile. Baowu Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group has done 711 experiments and tried more than 40,000 types of brake rollers for two full years. After the possible permutations and combinations, the stainless steel gate was made to a thickness of 0.02 mm, breaking the foreign technology monopoly.

Beginning in May last year, Taiyuan Iron and Steel continued to carry out scientific and technological research on this basis, and after nearly a hundred experiments, it finally drilled the stainless steel to 0.015 mm.

In addition to chip processing, this "chip steel" can also be used for sensors in the aerospace field, batteries for new energy products, and folding screen mobile phones.


Post time: Aug-30-2021
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