The third management seminar of Hongwang Group was successfully held in Zhaoqing Hongwang

In order to further explore talents, gather new ideas and methods, and create a fair, open and talented common development platform, the third management seminar of Hongwang Group was held in Zhaoqing Hongwang on July 12. The group chairman Dai Jianhui, the group vice President Zhu Jiqiao, Dai Zehui, Liu Wei, Gao Zhice, Liu Nature, the group’s vice executives above the level of management, seminar report representatives of more than 100 people attended the seminar. The seminar was chaired by Wu Naiqiao, general manager of the group supply and marketing Center.


Workshop lively atmosphere, climax, through layers of the selection of the various units of 21 players closely around the research target, based on the labor of duty, speak freely, to express views, surrounding the operation and management, customer service, intelligent manufacturing, technology innovation, quality improvement, business development, the efficiency of authors and commend aspects such as corporate culture, human resources, advice, the wonderful special reports, won the applause scene participants frequently.


After the session of special report, all the participants participated in the “Communication Meeting of Financial Management Knowledge and Key Points of Internal Control” lectured by Liu Wei, vice President of the Group, and the “Promotion of Key Points of Management Knowledge of Middle Managers” lectured by Gao Zhize, vice President of the Group.



Vice President Liu Wei Shared and communicated with the participants about what finance was in their eyes, the financial thinking of middle and senior managers, the publicity of financial control policies, the sharing of typical cases and the analysis of key points of procurement contracts. Vice President Gao Zhice has carried out communication in such fields as role positioning of managers, competency model, management mentality and management art, basic management ability, leading teams with culture, and cultivation of excellent management behavior. The course is rich in content, with strong pertinence and applicability. At the same time, it adopts a large number of real cases for analysis, introduces the forms of on-site display, interactive questions and answers to guide people’s thinking, and achieves a good sharing effect.

The chairman of the group finally made a summary speech to this seminar. Dai Dong pointed out that talent is the core asset of an enterprise and the core productivity of its sustainable development. Group development with each passing day, the important role of the seminar, is to tap the talent, at the same time, the seminar is also a collision of ideas and ideas, for everyone is a rare opportunity to learn. Managers must earnestly implement the requirements of promotion in the course project sharing and improve their sense of responsibility. The more simple the principle of doing things, the more helpful it will be to everyone’s work. Managers must be good at observation and thinking, have the ability to find problems, and consciously develop the habit of finding problems. We should believe that “there are gods on the spot, and the answers are on the spot”. A large number of root problems can only be found by observing and thinking both physically and mentally on the spot, so as to find the optimal solution. Only by managing down and going to the first line can we really solve the bottlenecks on site. The quality of managers is the core of the overall quality of an enterprise. Managers should see the big picture from the small, think from multiple perspectives, strengthen the learning of basic financial knowledge, improve their sense of responsibility and management ability, actively carry forward the positive energy of the company, and strive to improve their management quality.


The list of 21 participants and discussion topics are as follows. The group management committee collective public review, ZhaoQingHong prosperous Jiang Shuilin won the first prize in the seminar, fujian macros wang zhen wang jie, fujian macros prosperous MoXuMing, shandong macro prosperous JiZhen second prize, fujian macros will flourish, group headquarters Zhang Weicheng, Chen ZhaoQingHong flourishing XiaoQiYing, wuxi macro flourishing YanJingTao, group headquarters Liu Siquan won third prize.

Post time: Jul-16-2020
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