The world’s first stainless steel building was constructed in 28 hours to build 11 floors, with a service life of up to a thousand years

A residential project with a total area of ​​3,000 square meters on the 11th floor in 28 hours was officially unveiled in Changsha on the 16th. It is the "work" of the Broad Buildable Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan Broad Technology Group, named "Living Building", and is the world's first stainless steel building.

The construction process of this residential building is like building a car, using industrial methods to transform the traditional construction model. A staff member at the scene told reporters that the service life of this house can reach a thousand years.


Regarding the reason for the development of "living buildings", Zhang Yue, chairman and president of Broad Group, said that steel structures can replace traditional buildings to withstand earthquakes. The second motivation is to save energy and heat the buildings well.

This “living building” uses the original “stainless steel core plate” of Yuanda. The entire building does not use concrete and is 100% factory-made. The site installation is extremely simple. It is transported in a 40-foot container and can be transported to all parts of the world without barriers and low cost. During the 2020 epidemic, the South Korean version of "Huoshenshan Hospital" used the Yuanda factory-style stainless steel core board building.

"It is produced by factory methods and has very high safety. It has the characteristics of stainless steel, high heat insulation, deep technology, and low cost." Zhang Yue said that with the construction of stainless steel, it can change the dismantling of houses in the past few decades. The phenomenon of human wealth can be passed down for thousands of years. He introduced that living buildings are extremely flexible in terms of building types, unit types, room types, and addition and subtraction floors. They can be used to build super luxury houses, five-star hotels, skyscrapers, and low-cost housing for the general public.

50% of the world's carbon emissions come from buildings. If we reduce energy consumption by 80 to 90% on buildings, it will be equivalent to 40% of global carbon emissions in the future. "This is a huge opportunity for carbon reduction." Zhang Yue revealed that the "living building" adopts thick insulation, multiple glass windows, and fresh air heat recovery, which can reduce carbon by 80% to 90% compared to conventional buildings. It can be described as the world's "carbon neutral" locomotive.

On the same day, the Huolou Technology Imagination Conference was also held. Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a keynote speech in a video at the conference that there is no other way to solve the problem of climate change other than zero carbon emissions. Major carbon emitters such as the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, and other European countries have announced that 2050 or 2060 will be the target year for net zero emissions. The Millennium Architecture goal set by Broad Living Building is highly related to the 11th goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, namely "sustainable cities and communities".

Structural engineering experts said that despite the high quality of living buildings, the price is lower than that of traditional buildings. Chinese companies’ “living buildings” technology has great potential to occupy the global market.

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Post time: Jul-22-2021
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