U.S. Olympic Steel’s Buford plant will build a new steel processing center

According to foreign media reports, Olympic Steel (Olympic Steel) is building a new steel processing center at its Buford plant. Currently, the company has 31 steel processing centers in North America. It is reported that the new area of 120,000 meters (11,148 square meters) will become the main flat rolling manufacturing center in the region in the future.

Gea, the company’s deputy general manager, said that this equipment strategically adjusted the processing capacity of the product and effectively met the growing needs of customers in the southeast.

Olympic Steel (Olympic Steel) is a steel processor based in Cleveland, Ohio, with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Olympic Steel is mainly engaged in the processing and distribution of processed carbon, coated and stainless steel flat plates, coils and steel products in the United States. The company has 17 facilities in the eastern United States and one facility in Mexico.图一


Post time: Nov-18-2020
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