Vice President Zang Yong of University of Science and Technology Beijing and his party visited Zhaoqing Hongwang for exchange and guidance

On May 13, 2021, Vice President Zang Yong of the University of Science and Technology Beijing and his entourage visited Zhaoqing Hongwang for exchanges and guidance. Zhaoqing Hongwang Chairman Liu Ziran and General Manager Liu Huidan warmly received Vice President Zang Yong and his entourage.


Liu Ziran introduced the company’s development history, market scale, product application field, and Hongwang doctor’s workstation and talent construction to the vice president Zang Yong in detail. Vice President Zang Yong introduced the situation of the University of Science and Technology Beijing in terms of discipline construction, new-type talent cultivation and career selection and employment.


The two parties exchanged views on the current economic situation, industrial policies, and in-depth cooperation between industry, academia, and research, and reached a broad consensus. In the future, based on the principles of complementary advantages, mutual benefit, and common development, the two parties will focus on talent training, educational practice, technology research and development, and scientific and technological achievements. In-depth cooperation in transformation and other aspects, mutual promotion and common development, to achieve a win-win situation for schools and enterprises.


In 2020, Zhaoqing Hongwang Metal Industry Co., Ltd. was successfully approved as a doctoral workstation in Guangdong Province. It has successively introduced a group of doctoral, master and undergraduate professional and technical talents from Beijing University of Science and Technology. This exchange is to promote the talent training strategy of Hongwang Group and deepen the school. Enterprise cooperation has laid a good foundation.

Associate Professor Guan Ben of the Department of Mechanical Equipment and Control Engineering of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Dong Liang, Deputy Dean of the Shunde Graduate School of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Zheng Jiaqing, Deputy Director of the Achievement Transformation Incubation Department, and Senior Commissioner Xie Dafeng participated in the exchange activities.

Post time: May-24-2021
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