What are the lines made by stainless steel drawing process? What’s the difference?

Brushed stainless steel

Is all kinds of surface treatment of stainless steel drawing technology is relatively commonly used a, processing of stainless steel plate with the avant-garde sense of science and technology, many times we can clearly see the drawing of stainless steel appeared every tiny silk mark, so that the dumb light radiant with stainless steel fine hair luster, is such a special silky texture is visible scratching, if silking is fine, even if the touch also won’t feel anything, so the drawing of stainless steel to get the attention of the masses of users.

Metal drawing process: in metal pressure processing, driven by external forces, stainless steel through the exclusive mold, so that its cross-sectional area is compressed, and obtain the desired shape and size of the technical processing method for the wire drawing process.

The effect of the wire drawing process is generally straight grain, disorderly grain, ripple, spiral grain and so on.

The formation of straight line drawing is in the stainless steel surface with mechanical friction method processing straight line, this is the most simple and rough drawing process.

Random drawing is in the high-speed operation of the drawing die, so that the stainless steel before and after the left and right motion friction and the formation of a no rules, no obvious patterns of silk.

Corrugations are generally made on a brush or a striping machine, using the axial motion of the upper set of rollers to grind the brush on the metal surface to obtain wave-like lines.

Spiral grain is also known as rotary light, mainly with cylindrical felt or grinding stone nylon wheel mounted on the drilling machine, with kerosene and polishing oil paste, the metal surface for rotary polishing and formed a pull silk grain.

Even after the processing of the stainless steel wire drawing technology, no matter what a grain, are there a common defect, that is, tone single;
Can only change the shape, size of stainless steel, the drawing technology does not change its original silver grey color, so the plating process is more important, we can through the wire drawing process combined with plating process, there was no this defect, and improve the appearance at the same time, also can enhance the service life of the stainless steel corrosion resistant ability, etc.

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Post time: Jan-08-2020
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