What kind of stainless steel plate can be used in the building?


Because of the special properties of metal materials, they are widely used in construction.
Today we are going to talk about its use in buildings.
Stainless steel plate is the main type of stainless steel decorative materials.
It usually refers to the thickness is equal to or less than 4mm, especially the thickness of the plate below 2mm used the most.
Stainless steel can be divided into plane steel plate and concave – convex steel plate.
Planar steel plate is divided into three categories: the reflectance of plate surface light is above 90%. It is called mirror steel rice.
The reflectivity of the plate surface is less than 90%, but more than 70%, known as the light steel plate: and the reflectivity of the plate surface is less than 50% for the pressure steel plate.
Concave-convex steel plate is also divided into three categories, that is, relief plate, bas-relief plate and mesh plate.
If the stainless steel plate is treated by chemical impregnation, color can be obtained.
Its color has blue, gray, purple, red, green, gold, orange and tawny color and so on dozens of colors.
Color non – toxic, anti – corrosion, anti – friction, processing performance is good, the color and lustre with different light Angle produces the change of color effect.
Color coating can withstand 200 degrees below high temperature, stainless steel plate salt spray corrosion resistance is better than general stainless steel.
It is mainly used for decoration board of building interior and exterior wall, ceiling, door, window, column, stair railing, elevator and simple tile of ancient buildings. The stainless steel plate can also be used for making anticorrosion equipment, plaque, advertising wall surface, board surface, decorative pattern, instrument panel and all kinds of vehicle decoration board.

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Post time: Mar-24-2020
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