• Discussion on color stainless steel coloring technology
    Post time: 04-06-2020

    Color stainless steel is the use of vacuum coating technology on the surface of stainless steel for oxidation modification color, the whole process by the computer monitoring the natural color. The product surface corrosion resistance, wear resistance than ordinary stainless steel is strong, can...Read more »

  • Introduction of stainless steel drawing process
    Post time: 03-30-2020

    Stainless steel wiredrawing board is also called stainless steel scrub board or matte stainless steel plate, the surface of the grain has hair grain (also called ordinary sand), satin grain (snow sand), and grain (random grain sand), the main types of cross grain. Stainless steel wire drawing pl...Read more »

  • What kind of stainless steel plate can be used in the building?
    Post time: 03-24-2020

    Because of the special properties of metal materials, they are widely used in construction. Today we are going to talk about its use in buildings. Stainless steel plate is the main type of stainless steel decorative materials. It usually refers to the thickness is equal to or less than 4mm, espe...Read more »

  • The advantages and applications of color stainless steel are briefly described
    Post time: 03-17-2020

    With the development of modern society and progress, more and more people begin to choose color stainless steel as the material that decorate, and this kind of trend is more and more significant, so color stainless steel has after all what advantage? One: stainless steel is a kind of environment...Read more »

  • Stainless steel decorative plate processing to pay attention to what problems
    Post time: 03-11-2020

    1. Stainless steel cutting tool wear (W2) is very big, especially the new workers, it’s not good to deal with, we observed the Turner the knife of time, the machine stop, between the shadow production directly, with the United States, (w) 0.8 R six sides blade, now price at RMB 38, more th...Read more »

  • Teach you to distinguish the quality of stainless steel mirror
    Post time: 03-09-2020

    With the improvement of people’s living standard, a lot of friends also pay more attention to quality when decorating. And stainless steel mirror plate has become a lot of young people when decorating the choice of stainless steel decorative plate of first selection, but, a lot of people t...Read more »

  • Color steel and stainless steel distinction
    Post time: 03-07-2020

    1. Different definitions Color steel: color steel plate, refers to the color coated steel plate, color coated steel plate is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. Color steel plate is divided into veneer, color steel composite plate, floor plate. Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel (Stainless...Read more »

  • Stainless steel Mosaic plate technology introduction
    Post time: 03-02-2020

    Mosaic is a relatively old, traditional mosaic. It has: metal mosaic, crystal mosaic, shell mosaic, glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic and much more! Among other beautiful and elegant tiles, its exquisite and exquisite posture and retro elegant style are even more conspicuous. The surface of some cera...Read more »

  • How long can colored stainless steel plates be used?
    Post time: 02-27-2020

    Guide: Colored stainless steel plate is a decorative material for the steel industry, whether you walk on the street or at home, you will find it. The colored stainless steel plate is suitable for various applications due to its strong corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature ...Read more »

  • What are the lines made by stainless steel drawing process? What’s the difference?
    Post time: 01-08-2020

    Is all kinds of surface treatment of stainless steel drawing technology is relatively commonly used a, processing of stainless steel plate with the avant-garde sense of science and technology, many times we can clearly see the drawing of stainless steel appeared every tiny silk mark, so that the...Read more »

  • Color stainless steel coated board advantages
    Post time: 01-07-2020

    Mulching is a physical process, a layer of film a layer of metal plate after high temperature and high pressure pressing. The advantages of laminate are: 1. Anti-fume: processed by PVC high-gloss film, easy to clean. 2, wear resistance: special PET layer, durable. 3, moisture-proof: the surface ...Read more »

  • Advantages of stainless steel laminate
    Post time: 12-26-2019

    1, stainless steel coated plate with excellent performance, such as corrosion resistance, rust resistance. 2, stainless steel laminate more environmentally friendly with energy saving and health three characteristics, the production of no solvent, no waste gas, less environmental pollution, ener...Read more »

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