• What is electropolishing
    Post time: 04-30-2019

    Electropolishing is an electropolishing process that USES the principle that the anode dissolves first in a specific electrolyte with appropriate current density and microscopic convex points on the surface of the metal.  Advantages of electrolytic polishing:  (1) the internal and external colo...Read more »

  • What is mechanical polishing
    Post time: 04-29-2019

    Mechanical polishing is carried out on a special polishing machine.A polishing machine is mainly composed of an electric motor and one or two polishing discs driven by it.A polished cloth of different materials used on a polishing disc.Rough throw often USES canvas or coarse cloth, fine throw of...Read more »

  • Stainless steel color decorative plate titanium plating will not cause product rust
    Post time: 04-28-2019

    Titanium is a kind of anti-corrosion metal, at room temperature, titanium can safely lie in a variety of strong acid strong alkali solution, even the most fierce acid-royal water (royal water: concentrated nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid ratio of three to one ratio, can dissolve g...Read more »

  • Post time: 06-21-2018

    There are many different types of surface finish on stainless steel. Some of these originate from the mill but many are applied later during processing, for example polished, brushed, blasted, etched and colored finishes. Here we list some surface finishes what our company can do for your refere...Read more »

  • Post time: 06-21-2018

    1. With more than 10 years experience in these fields, we have a professional& dynamic exporting team. 2. Our monthly volume of sales reaches more than 10000 tons, and our products are deeply popular at home and abroad, like Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, etc. 3. With advanced equipm...Read more »

  • Post time: 06-21-2018

    Hermes Steel participated in the World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018 from May 8 to 11. With innovation and development as it’s themes, the Expo 2018 is the largest ever in history in terms of the scale and the number of participants. During the exhibition, we show many new & classical de...Read more »

  • Post time: 06-21-2018

    As a premier stainless steel surface designer in China, Foshan Hermes (Hengmei) Steel Co.,Ltd established in 2006, which strives for stainless steel innovation and quality for more than 10 years. So far, we have developed into a large integrated enterprise of stainless steel material’s design, pr...Read more »

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