Corrosion stainless steel plate decoration processing technology

Etch stainless steel plate

Color stainless steel plate is an environmental protection, recyclable decorative materials, its surface can be processed into different colors and patterns.Of colour and decorative pattern collocation, let stainless steel board become fashionable, noble, the symbol of tide.We all know, in the interior decoration, hotel hotels, KTV clubs decoration need to use color stainless steel pattern board.The surface decorative pattern craft of chromatic stainless steel board, how many kinds do you know again?

(1) hand carving.The diamond blade is used to carve out all kinds of patterns with poor precision, high labor intensity and low efficiency.Hand carving is suitable for concave and convex surface decoration with low precision.

(2) mechanical milling.The use of mechanical equipment, such as engraving machine, copy engraving machine, operating a rotating tool for milling.This method can only be imprinted on flat steel plate.Easy for deep milling.

(3) sand blasting.High speed emery is sprayed by compressed air on the workpiece surface blocked by pattern template to form sand surface pattern.The surface produced by sandblasting method is relatively rough, not easy to eject the pattern of thin strips, and the depth is generally no more than 0.08mm.

(4) embossing.The pattern is obtained by applying pressure on a type, die or roll to force local material to deform.The pressure processing has stamping method, static pressure method or rolling method.There is internal stress after embossing, and the stress and deformation decrease according to the above methods.Impression depth can be up to 0.05-0.20mm, known as the stress permanent mark.

Chinese stainless steel network recently learned: stainless steel users are a lot of surface treatment process of stainless steel can be described as confused, among the etching process is the most intriguing, but also users preferred to choose one of the products, so what is the manufacturing principle of the product?Etching process: etching can also become photochemical etching. After exposure plate making and development, the protective film of the etching area will be removed. The part of stainless steel that is removed from the protective film will come into contact with the chemical solution used for etching to achieve the effect of dissolution and corrosion, forming a concave and convex or hollow-out forming effect.

The advantages of the etching process are obvious, it can be carried out on the surface of the metal fine processing, give the metal surface special effect;But the only drawback is that we are concerned about the problem of the solution of this kind of corrosive liquid is no matter to the human body or the environment is dangerous, but small make up have already said, with the material and the processing of stainless steel after another post-processing process, surface treatment of stainless steel by the etching process is not remain any harmful chemical substances to the human body on its surface.So harmful?Haw, it doesn’t exist!

Here also with you science etching process:

Exposure method: material opening → material cleaning → drying → lamination → drying exposure → development → drying → etching → stripping

Screen printing: material opening → cleaning plate → screen printing → etching → stripping

Etching process can also supplement such as electroplating process at the same time, taken together, the product style is varied, can choose the room is bigger, more users to disdain many popular style, more tend to go out of style, this is also why etching stainless steel plate as popular, as long as help users out of their knowledge was the inherent thinking error, then the problem can solve, what’s more, we said is the truth.

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Post time: Sep-28-2019
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