Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel sandblasting board

Stainless steel sandblast plate

Sandblast board has been squeezed into the ranks of decorative materials with its own advantages.
The strong visual sense of particles combined with the original cool color of stainless steel creates a visual feeling in the future and greatly enhances the user’s use.
Feeling and service life is not long generally, the price is closer to the people, basically in the public acceptable range, but because sandblasting is an outsider know the process is very little, so today tell us about a variety of stainless steel sandblasting board.
Need to keep in mind the following points.
The stainless steel that is used to decorate tube board commonly is the 304 raw material of austenitic body mostly, tell to be to do not have magnetism commonly or weak magnetism, but because exercise forms chemical composition shake shake or processing condition different also perhaps present magnetism, but this cannot think to be false brand or unqualified, what reason is this?
As mentioned above, austenite is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, while martensite or ferrite is magnetic. Due to the improper composition segregation or heat treatment during exercise, a few martensite or ferrite arrangements can be formed in austenite 304 stainless steel.
Thus, 304 stainless steel will have a weak magnetic.
Stainless steel surface label, film, wash with warm water, weak detergent, binder ingredients, using alcohol or organic solvents (***, benzene) scrub.
Stainless steel mesh belt machine joint part does not tear, stainless steel mesh belt lax mesh belt will also lead to deviation;
In the operation of stainless steel mesh belt machine material uneven distribution, drum and chain plate on both sides of the strength of the impact of different, stainless steel surface oil, oil, moisten tear oil pollution, wipe clean with a soft cloth, after neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with special detergent cleaning.
The cut edges of the sample shall be finely polished and then cleaned and passivated for half an hour in nitric acid (specific gravity 1.42) with a volume concentration of 20~30% and a temperature of 60~66℃.
When the.302 and 304 steel was immersed in this hot solution, it was corroded rapidly and a large number of bubbles occurred, and the sample turned black within a few minutes.
But 316 and 317 steel samples are not corroded or reaction is very slow (no bubble), samples within 10~15 minutes do not discolor.
Sandblasting: forming a high-speed jet beam driven by compressed air, spraying materials (glass sand, steel sand, zirconium sand, etc.) at a high speed to the surface of the workpiece to be processed. Therefore, the outer surface of the workpiece changes and the macroscopic roughness with uniform thickness distribution is obtained.
On the surface.
Because the mechanical properties of abrasive on the workpiece surface are improved, the fatigue resistance of the workpiece is improved.
Sandblasting stainless steel is also a popular color stainless steel plate industry products, after electroplating process, it has become the second largest process in the industry.
After using sandblasting technology on the smooth surface of stainless steel, it can improve the smoothness of the surface.
Next, it increased the evenness of whole adornment face plate.
While improving performance, it doesn’t forget to take the value to new levels.
To use a metaphor, stainless steel is short and poor, sandblasted stainless steel is a real rich, handsome.
According to the ministry of information: but the fact is that the sandblasting process has advantages and disadvantages, although the performance of stainless steel has been improved, but sandblasting plate can be coated with color, but after baking color and common stainless steel coating still exist color difference.
So what’s the main reason?
The reason for this is simple.
The grain chosen for the sandblasting process is corundum. What happens after that?
After that, it disappeared for a simple reason.
Sandblasting board has amazing achievements in the application field, mainly in the construction field, elevator decoration, industry, facilities and a series of stainless steel products, you can see the traces of colorful stainless steel sandblasting board.

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Post time: Sep-30-2019
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