Color finished stainless steel solder joint treatment method

Color stainless steel plate

1. The paint
The most direct way is to use the corresponding color repair paint to point, point to pay attention to the spray paint spray on the bottle cap, with a brush point, point in the welding spot, gently on the line, the area of the point should not be too large, in order to prevent broken surface.
2. Repair paint options
The color of repair lacquer basically has titanium gold, rose gold, black titanium, red bronze, the word of color follows chromatic board, the color of conduit material is basically consistent (the color between manufacturer has difference except), general hardware inn or stainless steel fittings inn can buy.
3. Welding spot selection
As far as possible in the back spot welding or bevel full welding;
Try not to spot weld on the front or surface, try to hide the solder joints.
4. Welding spot cover
Solder joints are covered by decorative parts;
After spot welding, cover the solder joint with a cover or decoration.
5. Splice assembly
Welding free assembly;
Connect with connecting piece, assemble need not spot weld, direct lock screw and pull riveting.
6. Punch welding
Punching or laser cutting;
Go straight through the pipe and do a little bit of welding at the bottom, and you won’t see the solder joint.

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Post time: Nov-05-2019
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