Colorful stainless steel plate for a wide range of USES

color stainless steel .

Color stainless steel plate is a kind of environmental protection decoration material, no methanol and other organic matter, no radiation, fire safety, suitable for large construction decoration (bus station, railway station, subway station, airport, etc.), hotel and building business decoration, public facilities, new home decoration.
Ruijicheng stainless steel professional production of various materials of stainless steel tube, stainless steel plate, BA plate, 8K mirror plate, titanium plate, frosted plate, prevent slide plate, sandblasting plate, etched plate, embossing plate, embossing plate.
Its characteristic is wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting ability reaches international advanced level (international level is 500g positive pressure soft rubber attrition 200 times do not fade, our company product can reach 5000 times do not fade).
And the color is gorgeous, but the price is only one tenth of the import product.
In the process of matching, more developed a series of color stainless steel plate titanium gold pure surface effect, while maintaining the overall smooth stainless steel products, give stainless steel products colorful stainless steel plate design, so that the product bright, easy to clean, durable.
New technology of coloring of stainless steel, it is by chemical or electrochemical treatment, generate a layer of high corrosion resistance in stainless steel surface oxidation film, for stainless steel with different colors, not only to keep the original stainless steel of various superiority, and makes its corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance and exterior adornment effect is far superior to ordinary color stainless steel plate.

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Post time: Nov-08-2019
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