Etching stainless steel decorative plate process


Principle of etching process: etching can also be photochemical etching, through exposure plate making and development, the protective film of the etching area will be removed, and the part of stainless steel that is removed from the protective film will contact the chemical solution used for etching, so as to achieve the effect of dissolution and corrosion, forming a concave and convex or hollow molding effect.

Etching process flow:

Exposure method: material opening → material cleaning → drying → laminating → drying exposure → developing → drying → etching → stripping

Screen printing: material – cleaning plate – screen printing – etching – film

The advantages of etching are obvious. It can carry out subtle machining on the metal surface, giving the metal surface special effects.But the only drawback is that we are concerned about the problem of the solution of this kind of corrosive liquid is no matter to the human body or the environment is dangerous, but small make up have already said, with the material and the processing of stainless steel after another post-processing process, surface treatment of stainless steel by the etching process is not remain any harmful chemical substances to the human body on its surface.

Post time: Jun-24-2019
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