How to choose home decoration stainless steel decorative board?


The sort of current chromatic stainless steel board and color numerous and numerous, undertake to the plan household decorates the consumer character of decorate, look like flower in mist.The color of reasonable tie-in chromatic stainless steel board, can bring the result of surprise to household, let occupy the home a beautiful beautiful.

Mainstream color stainless steel plate color: titanium, rose gold, champagne gold, coffee gold, rose red, wine red, purple, pink, sapphire blue, violet, emerald green, black titanium, gray titanium.

Suffer the effect of dimensional environment, when household decorates, also want to focus to use the color of which kinds of chromatic stainless steel board to consider.

For the bedroom, the space is not too big, avoid color as far as possible too much.Determine the area with the largest area in the field of vision and the longest attention time to use the color of stainless steel plate as the main color;Pass two kinds of auxiliary color to foil again advocate color, concise and clear.Assistant color foils as far as possible advocate lubricious harmonic, include tonal, lightness and chroma harmonic.Metope USES chromatic stainless steel board to decorate, complementary with other furniture ornament, have the dot eyeball effect that decorates to whole bedroom space.

For the kitchen, chromatic stainless steel board is used with ambry same tonal, make dining-room and kitchen more set each other off become an interest, strengthened the harmonious sex of both, oneness, enjoy to people on a kind of vision.

For toilet, door of cabinet of bathroom cabinet of delicate and bright chromatic stainless steel board, perhaps add grind the drawing silk board partition of arenaceous art effect, whole toilet is diffusing bright breath, increase indoor and cool and refreshing vision to experience in burning hot summer.

Chose the color of chromatic stainless steel board, can make whole household coruscate beautiful beautiful colour.

Post time: Jun-05-2019
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