How to choose materials for elevator decoration?


With the wide use of elevators, elevator decoration industry is becoming more and more professional.When undertaking elevator decorate design construction, the utility that considers elevator primarily, it is to consult a building to decorate a style to consider the choice of material of elevator decorate next, processing and installation.

Next, let the stainless steel elevator decoration board manufacturer shuitianfu stainless steel to introduce to you the specific use of how to select the elevator material.

1. Residential elevator decoration

The elevator decorate of the residence is chosen to send grain stainless steel or steel plate gush model commonly on material, colour should downy, condole top design unfavorable and complicated with detail, choose white organic cast smooth board soft light design, integral effect should concise and lively, adjust the mood of people and mood.In addition, considering that the passengers are of different ages and different cultural qualities, the decoration of the car wall should be made of some materials that can be buffered and not flammable.

2. Villa elevator decoration

Villa elevator decoration more personalized.The interior decoration should complement the whole home.On the adornment of the door use with domestic outfit the same open means with the door, color collocation and exterior decorate as far as possible in the home outfit effect that confluence is in whole.

3. Passenger elevator decoration

Passenger elevator is designed for carrying passengers, mainly used in hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls and other places with large passenger flow.Therefore suitable for the use of a variety of materials and color combinations, to create a safe and comfortable ride space, give a pleasant visual experience.Apply the difference of different color temperature and the processing of different illuminant, build the optimal atmosphere that suits all sorts of environments.

4. Cargo elevator and sundry elevator

In the cage and hall car door decoration generally used steel spray, light can be bright.

Post time: Jun-08-2019
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