Installation and construction method of stainless steel etch plate

Stainless steel etch plate

The above construction process is basically the following steps:

1. Installation of dragon skeleton: the installation process of the basic dragon skeleton can refer to the construction process of wooden keel or light steel keel, and double check the perpendicularity and flatness;

2, fixed bottom plate: the bottom plate is generally used 5-12mm thick plywood, construction method and requirements and ordinary wood cover panel construction is the same, but when the keel is light steel keel or Angle steel keel, to use electric drill drill on the keel first, use self-tapping screws to fix the bottom plate on the keel, and the screw head can not be higher than the bottom plate surface;

3. Fixed panel: color stainless steel plate shall be finished according to the design size and modeling requirements before installation.When there is a bottom plate, respectively in the bottom plate and stainless steel back besmear brush universal adhesive, will be prepared to process the stainless steel plate paste on the bottom plate gently;When there is no bottom plate, the pre-processed stainless steel plate is fixed on the light steel keel with stainless steel screws or directly welded on the keel;

4, edge: edge treatment, in the interface between stainless steel or negative Angle, positive Angle by filling sealant, pressure stainless steel tank and other methods edge, decorative treatment.

5. Wipe the colored stainless steel surface clean with soft dry cloth and tear off the protective film.

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Post time: Sep-27-2019
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