Introduction of stainless steel color embossed board

stainless steel

1, the introduction of
Stainless steel embossed plate is applied on the surface of steel plate embossed pattern, for the requirements of finish and ornamental place.
Embossing is rolled with a patterned work roll, the work roll is usually processed with erosion liquid, the depth of the concave and convex on the plate varies according to the pattern, about 20-30 microns.
2, classification,
Pearl board, small squares, lozenge grid lines, antique checkered, twill, chrysanthemum, bamboo grain, sand plate, ice cube, free grain, stone plate, recent, bamboo grain, small diamond, oval, panda, european-style decorative pattern, wing, linen lines, water droplets, Mosaic, wood grain, word, wanfu rimmon, ruyi cloud, grid, color decorative pattern, color circle lines
3. Features of stainless steel embossed board
Main advantages: durable, durable, wear-resistant, strong decorative effect, visual beauty, good quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, resistance, pressure resistance, scratch resistance and no finger print.
4, use
Stainless steel embossed board is suitable for decoration of elevator car, subway car, all kinds of cabin, architectural decoration and decoration, metal curtain wall industry.
5. Construction method of decorative envelope column
Generally speaking, the use of stainless steel embossed plate metal decorative envelope, is composed of skeleton, base plate and decorative panel three parts.

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Post time: Nov-27-2019
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