Knowledge of stainless steel etching board

Colored Stainless Steel Sheet

1, quality of life to choose good home decoration materials

People to the demand of quality of life is expanding day by day, the requirement of respect of indoor metope adornment also raised ceaselessly, so the design of metope adornment material also develops ceaselessly, the material that can serve as metope adornment also is more and more, wait for example coating, wall paper, coloured stainless steel etch board.

2. Stainless steel etching board and wallpaper

Different material attribute also is different, adornment effect and notice item also have very big difference.
If wall paper, colour is diversiform, design is rich, price is appropriate, but the biggest problem is the circumstance that its appears mildew, and the occurrence of mildew is because air contains excessive moisture to retain for a long time commonly, bring about wall paper to produce mildew thereby.
Especially the kitchen in the bedroom and wei yu room two Spaces, it is the element that makes wall paper produces mildew most easily.

3. In addition, the construction level and quality of wallpaper are not easy to control, and the wallpaper with low price and grade has poor environmental protection, which pollures the indoor environment.
Long sunshine environment easy to fade, easy to become warped edge, more trouble if to change a new wallpaper, then might as well use colored stainless steel decorative pattern etching plate instead of the wallpaper decorates metope, can be made into all kinds of decorative pattern design and color, safe environmental protection recycling, and stainless steel decorative board has good stability, it is difficult to be other factors change its features, price is the wallpaper is expensive, but in the long run, or value.

4, stainless steel etching board decorative features

Stainless steel etching plate is in the stainless steel surface through the chemical method, corrosion out of a variety of patterns.
With 8K mirror plate, wire-drawing plate and sandblasting plate as the bottom plate, after etching treatment, the surface of the object can be further processed, stainless steel etching plate can carry out local and grain, wire-drawing, gold inlay, local titanium gold and other complex technology processing, stainless steel etching plate to achieve pattern light and dark, colorful effect.

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Post time: Dec-19-2019
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