Manufacturing principle and etching process of color stainless steel etch plate

Stainless steel etch plate

Stainless steel etching pattern process plate is on the surface of stainless steel through chemical methods, corrosion out of a variety of patterns.
8K mirror plate, electroplate, antique copper plate as the bottom plate, etch treatment, the surface of the object for further processing.
Color stainless steel etch plate can be local and grain, drawing, inlay gold, local titanium gold and other complex processes, color stainless steel etch plate to achieve the pattern of light and dark, colorful effect.
Stainless steel etching can also become photochemical etching. After exposure plate making and development, the protective film of the etching area will be removed. The part of stainless steel that is removed from the protective film will come into contact with the chemical solution used for etching to achieve the effect of dissolution and corrosion, forming a concave and convex or hollow-out forming effect.

Etching process:
Exposure method: material opening, material cleaning and drying, film drying, exposure and development drying, etching off the film.

Screen printing: material opening, cleaning plate, screen printing, etching off film.
The process flow is as follows:
Stainless steel plate → oil removal → washing → drying → screen printing → drying → water immersion → etch pattern leaf (piece) washing → ink removal → washing → polishing → washing → coloring → washed leaf (piece) hardening treatment → closed treatment → cleaned leaf (piece) drying → inspection → product.
The principle of stainless steel etching: refers to the process of exposure and development, the product graphics transferred to the metal steel plate, the etching area will be protected, not the area to remove the protective film bare metal part, and then use chemical solution to play the role of corrosion, forming a concave and convex half or hollow molding effect.

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