Stainless steel color drawing board advantages

stainless steel hairline sheet

Color stainless steel wiredrawing board has good physical properties
After testing the color of stainless steel wire drawing board, air tightness in the physical properties of Ⅰ – Ⅱ level, water tightness level can reach Ⅲ, strength grade can reach Ⅰ commonly.
So the strength of the wire-drawing plate metal doors and Windows is high, for the 30 floor building its rigidity will not appear a problem.

Color stainless steel wiredrawing plate with high weather resistance
Because this kind of metal plate door and window material contains active element such as chromium, can prevent electrochemical corrosion, have very high strength and very good corrosion resistance property.
Likewise, this stainless steel metal door and window is any other
Material can not be compared.
It is many times more resistant to acid than ordinary steel products;
The alkali resistance is many times higher than that of aluminum alloy.
In coastal areas, color stainless steel wiredrawing doors and Windows are one of the ideal building doors and Windows.

3. Good heat resistance and heat preservation performance
Color stainless steel wire drawing board this metal profile is relatively slow in heat conduction, through the national testing center to test the thermal insulation performance, the push-pull window K value is ≤ 3.1w/(square meters ·K), thermal insulation performance index is higher than other doors and Windows, thermal insulation effect is good.

Four, the decoration is good, beautiful generous, durable
Color stainless steel wiredrawing board doors and Windows decorated, beautiful and generous, durable, these characteristics are mainly due to the appearance of this kind of high strength material and good weather decided.
Color stainless steel doors and Windows of the profile wall thickness is generally
0.5-1.0mm, because its material hardness is high, high resilience, so good rigidity, profile section can be made bigger!

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Post time: Nov-29-2019
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