Stainless steel color plate how to plate color?

color stainless steel sheet

1. Vacuum plating

Process: under vacuum environment, specific temperature, specific time plating color

Features: environmental protection, best metal texture, lasting bright color

Conventional plating color: black titanium (ordinary black), titanium gold, gold, champagne gold, rose gold, bronze, wine red, tan, coffee, sapphire blue, emerald green, 7 color

2. Water plating

Process: plating color in a specific solution

Features: not environmentally friendly, but limited color plating

Conventional plating color: black titanium (black), green bronze, red bronze, etc

3. Nano oil

Process: surface nano – color oil coloring, similar to the surface spray paint

Features: 1) can be plated in almost any color

2) the only true copper base coloring
3) the color oil comes with no fingerprint protection
4) metal texture is slightly worse
5) the surface grain is covered to some extent

General plated color: can be plated almost any color

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Post time: Oct-30-2019
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