Stainless steel drawing plate process introduction


Stainless steel drawing is the surface of stainless steel like silk texture, this is only a process of stainless steel.Surface is inferior smooth, look carefully above have grain of a silk, but touch not come out.than general bright stainless steel wear-resisting, look more on class a few.

Drawing process will lose the thickness of stainless steel plate to a certain extent, generally in 0.1~0.2mm.Additional, because human body especially palm has more exuberant grease and sweat secrete, stainless steel drawing board often USES the hand to touch can leave more apparent fingerprint, need to scrub regularly.

Stainless steel drawing plate surface texture classification

Drawing board is to point to surface grain to add collectively commonly commonly, before call method is grind arenaceous board, the grain of the surface has straight grain, random grain (with grain), ripple and screw thread wait for main a few kinds.

1, drawing straight lines.Usually is in the stainless steel surface mechanical friction processing method after the surface state for straight lines.The process of drawing plate can eliminate scratch on the surface of raw materials of stainless steel plate, and also has a good decorative effect.This kind of grain also has long silk grain and short silk grain, because this grain is to use cloth or stainless steel brush to carry on straight line or short line to the surface of the plate, and can get different thickness grain by changing the diameter of the steel brush.

2, drawing random lines (and lines).Surface sand grain is seen from a distance by a circle of sand grain composition, near is not the size of random grain, is by grinding head about irregular swing grinding, and then electroplate coloring.The surface of this grain is matte, and the production requirements are also very high.

3, wire ripple.The production process is to use the brush machine or rubbing machine with a group of grinding roller axial movement, so that the surface of stainless steel after grinding brush to get wavy lines.

4. Thread drawing.Its production and processing technology has some characteristics, first with a small motor, its shaft is equipped with round felt, the small motor fixed on the table, but also with the table edge into an Angle of about 60°.Then make a pallet to hold the stainless steel plate, and attach a mylar along the edge of the pallet, in order to limit the thread speed.This allows the line-up of the felt and mop to be rotated, allowing the same width of threads to be applied to the stainless steel surface.

Stainless steel wire drawing board is often used for kitchen and bathroom hardcover, high-grade electrical panel.

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Post time: Oct-06-2019
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