Treatment of color stainless steel embossed plate surface electroplating

stainless color steel

Stainless steel embossing plate is through mechanical equipment on stainless steel plate embossing processing, so that the plate surface concave and convex graphics. Also known as stainless steel decorative plate.
Available patterns are woven bamboo, ice bamboo, diamond, small square, size rice grain plate (pearl), oblique stripes, butterfly love flower pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, cube, free pattern, goose egg pattern, stone pattern, panda pattern, archaize square pattern, the pattern can be customized according to customers or choose the factory pattern suppression.
This embossing plate has a strong and bright appearance, higher surface hardness, more wear-resistant, easy to clean, maintenance free, resistance, compression, scratch and no finger print.
Mainly used in building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facilities decoration, kitchenware and other stainless steel series.

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Post time: Nov-26-2019
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