What are the characteristics of stainless steel stamping plate?

Stainless steel stamping plate

(1) high yield point, high hardness, remarkable cold hardening effect, easy to crack and other defects.

(2) poor thermal conductivity than ordinary carbon steel, resulting in the required deformation force, punching force, drawing force.

(3) in drawing, plastic deformation is serious, the table is easy to wrinkle or fall.

(4) the phenomenon that drawing mold is easy to adhere to nodules,

(5) when drawing deep, it is difficult to reach the expected shape.

The production of the above topic, is by the performance of stainless steel itself, mainly by the following five aspects of factors:

One is the performance of raw materials;Second, the mold structure and stamping speed;Three is the material of the mold;Four is the stamping lubrication fluid;Fifth, the arrangement of the route of the process.

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Post time: Oct-08-2019
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