What is stainless steel color decoration board

Sapphire blue mirror color stainless steel

Stainless steel color decorative plate is a vacuum plating of various colors on the surface of stainless steel!Deep drawing process does not change color, or more elegant quality, this product because of its decorative effect and corrosion resistance is much better than the ordinary stainless steel, its abrasion, characterization of resistance, scrub resistance is strong, can be processing performance and other various aspects performance like ordinary stainless steel, so it will be a substitute for ordinary stainless steel products, into all use stainless steel industry.The color stainless steel plate is suitable for the elevator car board, carriage board, hall wall board, background, ceiling, building decoration, signboard and so on of the hotel, the guesthouse, the entertainment place, the upscale brand exclusive shop, the high-level building.Color stainless steel is not a color coated steel, the surface without any coating, without any toxicity.It is in the silver stainless steel surface to form a layer of transparent oxide film, through the oxidation film optical interference effect and the formation of a different color, plating titanium stainless steel from Europe, color stainless steel decorative mirror, wire drawing, and grain, sand blasting and surface with titanium, zirconium, bronze gold, black gold, colorful, blue gems, gold, green, purple, tan fei, champagne gold, rose gold and beautiful color.

Post time: May-08-2019
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