what is the Color stainless steel decorative plate maintenance attention


Has already colored stainless steel in today’s popularity than the traditional building materials, a lot of people to save these money, early refer to use color stainless steel, but later found that a lot of people said the rub off after used colored stainless steel, the rust and so on questions, know the situation before he found that is not the quality problem of the product itself, but the guest in the process of using not the proper way to maintain and use is not at all.

Today’s market color stainless steel materials are mostly 201, 304, the nature of stainless steel is not not rust, but it is better than the usual metal corrosion resistance, but if the stainless steel exposed to the harsh environment for a long time, the same will rust.There is appropriate maintenance and cleaning maintenance will make the color of stainless steel service life greatly increased, will not appear rusty, discoloration and other circumstances.

Generally we saw the most is the color of the stainless steel surface with a layer of dirt, and the layer of dirt have mostly been soot, dust, dirt accumulation after accumulate over a long period, and the dirt to handle is very simple, as long as a bottle of water and detergent with dishcloth, premise is cloth must be clean, because the sand gravel is the natural enemy of stainless steel, chances are you’re a bit, sand gravel leave scratches on stainless steel surface.What if it hasn’t been cleaned?Don’t panic, now many hardware stores will sell stainless steel brightener, the price is not expensive, dozens of pieces of a bottle can be used for a long time.

Some use mirror stainless steel as bottom to color stainless steel plating color, in use process will leave fingerprints, dirt and other stains easily, so, at the time of purchase colored stainless steel, must call merchants do a technology of fingerprint technology, color stainless steel without fingerprint technology is in electroplating a layer on the surface Shanghai juji after special coating layer, and then after high temperature drying and colour of stainless steel plate firmly with the surface of the transparent protective film.

If you have bought a stainless-steel color plate without anti-fingerprint technology, you don’t need to regret it, because some cleaning liquid, such as alcohol or soda water, can also remove fingerprints and stains one by one.

Post time: May-20-2019
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