Why can stainless steel etching board stand out


We should not feel strange to the stainless steel etching board, as long as we carefully observe, will find that in daily life, the figure of stainless steel etching board can be seen everywhere: large doors and Windows, door frames, small wire groove, there are signs of stainless steel etching board.It can be seen that stainless steel etched board has an excellent decorative role in the decoration industry.

Stainless steel etched plate compared with real copper, although there is a substantial difference between the two, but it still has its own advantages.

In terms of color, there is little difference between the two;In terms of quotation, the stainless steel etched plate is much lower than the real copper quotation;In terms of function, stainless steel etched plate is better than real copper, with flashing metallic luster and bright color.

Stainless steel etching plate not only has the metal characteristics of copper, but also has the physical characteristics of stainless steel, so its surface color is not easy to discoloration, fading, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust discoloration.Real copper is not the same, whether red copper or brass, will appear simple copper rust.And stainless steel etched plate has a good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, lasting flashing metal luster and color.

Compared with real copper stainless steel etched plate, in terms of service life is better, it has a long service life, usually the service life is more than 5 years, in the decoration industry has a unique.

Here needs to conclude: in the crowed stainless steel decorative plate, why is the stainless steel etched plate so excellent?

To put it bluntly, is the appearance of stainless steel etching board level, maintenance is simple.Can satisfy the demand that decorates a style changeful already, solved follow-up to maintain worry again, to a lot of modern lazy person, stainless steel etch board cannot be again really outstanding.


Post time: Jun-10-2019
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