Why should choose stainless steel to decorate a board


Currently used in the decoration industry more much, sheet, profile for raw material, raw material is made of wood material, such as mahogany, chrysanthemum pear, camphor, and profiles, in some high-end customized decoration scheme is common, and the price is not cheap, a plan down light is 10 to two hundred thousand, one hundred point of hundreds of thousands of also is some again.

And plank price is quite moderate, there is almost no choice, most of ordinary families belongs to compare economic class material, in recent years, the color in the use of stainless steel decorative boards in China have obvious rising trend, seems to traditional packaging methods, such as ceramic or wall powder is too ordinary, cause relatively severe fatigue, and tied in price, consumers more will choose something new.

Based on the performance of the stainless steel, in terms of practicality is can get very good security, its corrosion resistance performance compared to other adornment material is better, and in view of its good processability, is constantly being mining in application field, from the early construction areas, to now home appliances industry, food, medical, environmental protection industry, military field and so on.

Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, if reoccupy plating processes for surface treatment, is equivalent to the original stainless steel with corrosion resistant layer and add a layer of corrosion of the same color plating layer, so, in theory, the service life of the stainless steel is that there is no such thing, but it also depends on the use of the actual situation to decide, but generally use a decade eight years is not a problem.

Stainless steel is not only cold original tone, it can be processed through a variety of surface treatment process, obtain a variety of colors and patterns, such as electroplating can be plated out of titanium, rose gold, black titanium, sapphire blue, etc., give color of stainless steel is no longer monotonous;Etching can make different patterns and patterns, plus electroplating color embellishment, just like a landscape painting with soul perfectly embedded in the wall, beautiful peerless;It is no problem to ask party a for multicolored black, which can be achieved through transfer printing technology, but the premise is to provide the multicolored black pattern to party a.

Post time: May-07-2019
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