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What are water ripple stainless steel ceilings?

Water ripple stainless steel ceilings are a type of decorative ceiling panel that features a surface texture resembling the ripples and waves found on the surface of water. The texture is achieved by using a specialized rolling process that creates a pattern of small, irregular shapes on the surface of the stainless steel panel.

Water ripple stainless steel ceilings are often used in interior design and architectural applications such as commercial spaces, hospitality venues, and residential homes. The panels are highly durable and resistant to corrosion and other forms of damage, making them ideal for use in environments where moisture or other harsh conditions may be present.

In addition to their functional properties, water ripple stainless steel ceilings also provide a unique aesthetic effect that can add visual interest and texture to a space. The panels can be used to create a range of design effects, from subtle and understated to bold and dramatic.

 水波纹实拍- (3)

What types and surface finishes are available
Water ripple stainless steel ceilings come in various colors, finishes, and three different water ripples.


Water Ripple Types
Three widely-used water ripple types include small, medium, and large, and each of them has a differentripple size and depth. For bigger area ceilings, it is advised to utilize large or medium water ripple, whereas,for little space ceilings, a small water ripple is preferable.

 small water ripple sheet silver water ripple sheet


Surface Finishes
Mirror and brushed finish are the two popular surface treatments for water ripple ceilings. The mirror finishis created by polishing the original stainless steel to a high degree of reflectivity like a mirror. The brushedfinish is created by polishing the steel plate surface with different grits of sand belts resulting in hairline orsatin


Ceiling Colors
Stainless steel can has colored layer using the PVD (physical vapor deposition) technology, such as gold, rosegold, grey, black, champagne, brown, green, blue, violet, red, or even rainbow.

According to our client’s feedback, silver(no color), gold titanium, rose gold, and blue are the most popularcolors. You can choose the color according to your own needs and preferences.

Sliver detail

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