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Advantages of colored stainless steel laminate

Color stainless steel laminate

Color laminating plate is in the metal substrate above a layer of film.
With high light film or magic film, the board coated with professional adhesive compound.
Laminating board luster is bright-coloured, can choose design and color variety is much, waterproof, fire prevention, have excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti fouling ability, superior anti-ultraviolet performance.
Different brands of laminating board, its substrate material and thickness is different, laminating material and thickness is different.
Substrate thickness in 0.3-0.5 mm.
The base material ply of general well-known brand is controlled in 0.5 millimeter.
Covered film is a physical process, a layer of film a layer of metal plate after high temperature and high pressure pressure.
The advantages of laminating plate are:
1. Anti-lampblack: made of PVC high-gloss film, easy to clean.
2, wear resistance: special PET layer, durable.
3. Moisture-proof: the surface is covered with film, which reduces the direct contact between water and aluminum, and has strong durability.
4, good touch: the surface has a layer of film, touch smooth, change the metal material cold single feeling.
5, design and color more: by a variety of colors for selection.
6, moderate price, good cost performance.
Widely used in :KTV decoration, luxury doors, elevator board, outdoor engineering, advertising nameplate, furniture, kitchen ceiling, walkway board, screen, tunnel engineering, exterior wall hotel lobby, facade and a variety of stainless steel products.

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